Queens is the most culturally diverse county in the United States.

In the past thirteen years the Woodhaven Business Improvement District has accomplished the mandate set by our property owners on Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue with enhanced services. The security, sanitation, marketing and promotion, Holiday Promotions and decorations have transformed our Avenue into one of the best shopping strips in Queens. The WBID continues to maintain close contact with our store and business owners through visits to these locations and through the distribution of newsletters and flyers. The WBID also does accomplishes this with the help of our new WBID store and business owners, "Welcome to Woodhaven WBID" shopping bags filled with WBID information, American flags, "I Love Woodhaven" stickers, and Fire Department decals. The store and business owners know that assistance is just a telephone call away.

The Woodhaven Business Improvement District was honored in June 2000, as the recipient of the First "Barbara Wolff Award for Excellence." Awarded to the Woodhaven BID in recognition of our many accomplishments on a limited Budget of $160,000- extending over 25 blocks, (the second smallest budget in New York City.) This award is named for the late beloved Barbara Wolff, Assistant Commissioner of the New York City Department of Business Services, the "First Lady of BIDs." Our WBID is very proud of this prestigious Award.

The WBID proceeds this year with positive goals to build upon the firm base exemplified by being chosen "the Best BID in Queens" by the Queens Tribune. The future of Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue Business Improvement District is to continue as our former WBID President Doug Gerowski stated in 1993, "Taking care of BIDness!"